•  Xindali - since 1997,XINDALI focused on the push button switch. 


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    Xindali Industries Co., Ltd.


    Was built since 1997, which specialize in Low Voltage Electrical products, mainly offering Pushbuttons, Indicators, Cable Glands, Rotary Switches, Elevator Control Switches, most of the products have passed the certification of C E, R o H S, T U V. U L. Xindali has more than 70 patents now, and there are some other series are under application of International PCT.


    Until now we have agents in Italy, Sweden, France, Norway, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, United Kingdom, Greece and Russia. And “Xindali” brand is protected in Turkey, Korea and Madrid Agreement Member States.


    We have very experienced technical research and development team, who will design new competitive products every year, which makes xindali will be one of the leader in the electrical industrial field. And we have Wire-electrode Cutting Machine, Punch, Injection Machine, Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Point Welding Mahine, Riveting Machine, Laser Printing Machine.

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      Factory Outlook
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