•  Xindali - since 1997,XINDALI focused on the push button switch. 


    Xindali push button control switch is created based on unremitting efforts. Closely following the market trend, Xindali Push Button uses advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology to produce a push button station. The product receives favors from the majority of customers for the high quality and favourable price. The mature and reliable after-sales service guarantee system is established to guarantee the quality of after-sales service. This helps improve customers' satisfaction with Xindali. 

    The rich opening type can be used to install the control box series of ?22 series. There are different installation methods. You can exchange different series of button switches and model lamp series produced by our company according to customer needs. You can also customize related control boxes by drawing. There are also non-porous types that allow free machining of the hole size and arrangement. Non-hole type can be installed on the automation equipment table as a transfer control box. Or directly used in elevator control and maintenance.

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